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A Sexuality Coach Shows you in Video, Step by Step How to Make your Partner Sex Addict by Giving Her Very Powerful Orgasms”

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“Rare and Powerful Techniques to Make Her Come on Demand and Touch Her like No Man Ever did Before”

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techniques avancées bien faire l'amour

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Women NEED Orgasms!

As much, if not more than Men, Women have a need for essential physiological and psychological sexual pleasure!

As the Austrian Doctor Wilhelm Reich showed, the orgasm performs a vital regulatory function in women. Women are equipped with a highly developed and complex erogenous system to meet this vital need.

However, unfortunately, the vast majority of Men don’t know how to play a part in women’s amazing capacity to come.

In reality, I know that most guys are happy to free themselves of any guilt by giving their girlfriends basic orgasms by going down on her from time to time, or by giving her little clitoral orgasms…though those are nowhere near the real deal!

Those are way off the full-body Orgasm that we will talk about here…

Let me remind you that 70% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm during sex and that 2 out of 3 women admit faking it regularly to reassure their partners…


Sexual Insatisfaction = Main Cause of Infidelity among Women!

Did you know that 70% of women have never had an orgasm during sex?…

And that more than 80% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm, which is much more powerful than an orgasm reached through simple clitoral stimulation…

Sexual dissatisfaction is a major cause of infidelity or even break-ups…

Sex is the foundation and the cement of a couple. A monotonous, unsatisfactory sex life causes the gradual deterioration of a woman’s relationship. In a couple, “When the sex is good, it’s all good.”

So, it’s not surprising that the break-up rate is so high when you find out that 70% of women have NEVER had an orgasm in their life!

That means that the majority of the Women you meet every day, and even perhaps your partner, are sexually dissatisfied.

This might be a bit hard to understand for us Men, as we are generally a lot more used to having regular orgasms. For men, orgasm happens almost mechanically at the end of every time we have sex. But the pleasure mechanisms in a woman are a lot more complex…

So it’s no surprise that so few Men really know how to make them tick.
In fact, the majority of men think that it’s normal to have an orgasm every time they have sex and have no idea that it is NEVER the case for more than 70% of women…

So we end up in the situation where the Woman is sexually frustrated but will never admit it, and the man lives under an illusion and in denial, believing that he and his partner lead a fulfilling sex life…


““She will never tell you that you are useless in bed!””

So as not to offend you…

According to a recent survey, more than 2/3 of women admit faking orgasms regularly to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.

Please understand that a woman expects you to give her an orgasm almost by magic.

If you can’t do it, she will wait for a while, then go look elsewhere… A woman will never tell you that she doesn’t come with you because generally, even she doesn’t know what you need to do to make it happen.

And also through guilt… Sexual fulfillment is an essential part of a woman’s vision of a successful life.

Admitting that the pleasure is lacking in the bedroom with you is to admit failure, which few women are able to do. They prefer to lie to you and to themselves rather than risk their relationships by admitting the truth.

In fact, your relationship might be right on the edge of the abyss and you won’t even realize it…

You are not the Cause of the Problem.

Once again, giving a vaginal orgasm that runs through a woman’s whole body is not something you can learn on the job. It has nothing to do with the size of your tackle!

You can go for years trying to find these rare techniques on your own, with no success. Nobody is born knowing it all about the Art of the Female Orgasm.

The majority of men know absolutely nothing about how to make a woman come other than from using their tongues or fingers.

And I know what I’m talking about; I’ve been through it all myself!
As with the majority of Men – and I was one of them until not long ago – you must feel the frustration of when you are having a great time… and she isn’t!

You dream of one day seeing her explode with pleasure under your thrusting male member, trembling one moment, then pleading with you to do it all again…

I too would never have believed that it was possible before I experienced it myself. And I can guarantee you; it is an unforgettable experience to see your partner literally lose control before your eyes.

It changed my life and my belief in myself and in my ability to make a woman come…

I have never been the same Man again, since that night, and a little smile has continued to play on my lips every day since.

You are just 2 Fingers away from being Part of a Male Elite that Women are Fighting over…

You don’t know it yet, but you have come further along the road to Bedroom Excellence than the vast majority of men will ever come in their whole lives.

If you are reading this letter, it’s because you’re not like most men who live in denial and don’t want to face the truth.

You have just left behind this mass of men who will never get further than going down on their partners to give her an orgasm…

The problem is that this type of Orgasm is nothing compared to the super-orgasm she will experience once you have mastered the Art of Vaginal Orgasm, which will run through her whole body and can even make her ejaculate and cry with pleasure.

You cannot imagine just how many men would give anything to have access to the expertise and mastery that you are about to get your hands on.

The difference between them and you is you: you have taken that first step and decided to retake control of your sex life.

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The Female Orgasm Training is NOT


The modules of the Female Orgasm Training has been made by a sex-life expert to transmit knowledge and techniques. The Training is weel known for it’s good taste and didactic approach

A theoritecal course

about physiological pleasure mechanism in the woman’s body. I’ll will only focus on the ACTION you should take in order to make her come tonight.

How will I receive my Videos?

An Instant access to all Modules in Streaming

techniques avancées bien faire l'amour

Unlimited Access:

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11 Video Modules Show you in Detail and Step-by-Step how to apply Simple Techniques to give your Partner Powerful Orgasms

Of course, I can’t reveal to you all the techniques we discuss in detail in this program, but I can give you an idea of what you can learn from this course:


In Module 8, you will learn the mechanisms of female ejaculation. You will be surprised to learn that there are no “female fountains” and all the rest, but that every woman can ejaculate during orgasm. I can guarantee you that it is truly amazing to see. Making your partner ejaculate and watching her lose control and soak the bedsheets is a phenomenal experience…


I will show you precisely, on a latex model vagina (when you see it, you understand immediately and get practicing straight away) the different techniques for fingering your partner in the correct way.

Once you get to Module 4, you will learn how to apply the “squirting devil technique,” which can seem a bit brutal and daunting, which means that hardly anyone has ever already tried it spontaneously. However, when properly applied, it is an incredible technique to make her orgasm and ejaculate right across the room…
You will master the “moonwalk” technique, to double the power of her vaginal orgasms.
I will show you how to use your fingers in the right way when you go down on her so that she will feel like she has a massive dick inside her while you lick her pussy.
Module 7 is devoted especially to deep orgasms. You will learn how to access and stimulate the depths of her vagina with your fingers and your penis so that she can feel you right to the pit of her belly.
The D-spot, or A-spot, will hold no more secrets for you. It is less well-known than the G-spot and more difficult to reach. Once you know the techniques for making her come using the D-spot, you will enable her to discover a feeling that she never even imagined could exist…
Right from Module 2, you will learn how to turn her on and get her wet on demand. You’ll be so good that she will be demanding orgasms multiple times a day.
There are three types of man: those who don’t even know where the clitoris is; those who know, but don’t know how to use it to make her come intensely; and those who know the multiple clitoris massaging techniques. You will become part of the third category so that you can give her intense orgasms more rapidly.
Her clitoris is an extremely sensitive organ, and you can hurt her if you aren’t careful to approach it from above the clitoral hood, using the clitoris massaging techniques that we will provide in Module 3.
Aha! One of my favorite techniques… using two fingers in a V-shape, you can massage both sides in the depths of her vagina, at the D-spot, without touching the neck of the uterus (which can be very painful), giving her the same feeling as she would get from double penetration. The first time I made my girlfriend come like that, her legs were so weak she couldn’t walk for over an hour…
I am going to teach you a technique for tapping the floor of her vagina that will make her go wild; her whole body will tense up, and she will twist up her feet in ecstasy before coming with a cry of relief!
Did you know that a woman can have multiple simultaneous orgasms, whereas a man can only have one at a time? However, you have to stimulate her in different erogenous zones at the same time, which isn’t easy… unless you know the tornado technique.
In Module 3, you will learn why 80% of men don’t know how to give their partner an orgasm with their tongues and how giving fellatio to your partner’s clitoris can literally make her go crazy!
I will demonstrate with a fake vagina how a woman masturbates and how you can do the same… but better!
If I mention the female prostate, you’re going to laugh, right? But, you know, that is what specialists call the Skene’s glands, which play a crucial role in female ejaculation. We will learn in detail how to stimulate them in Module 7.
Some women never let themselves go when they come; they block their ejaculation, and that is why only a few women have ever really had an explosive orgasm. Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend goes to pee straight after making love? It’s because, when she’s is just about to ejaculate, her Skene’s glands swell up and press on the urethra, making her feel as though she has to pee…So she blocks it, which blocks her orgasm. You will learn how to teach her to let her ejaculation build up and shoot across the room right before her eyes.

This technique is an absolute miracle for making your partner ejaculate during penetration… You can, in fact, “charge” her orgasm with two fingers and your mouth, creating a suction effect in her G-spot area. There is a sort of sponge in her vagina that will swell up and then when she reaches the limit just before orgasm, you can penetrate her slippery wet vagina to “offload” this sponge with your dick, which will make her ejaculate over you, your penis and herself…
I guarantee you; it is unforgettable!
Did you know that her clitoris continues inside her on each side of her vulva? I didn’t know either until one of my lesbian friends taught me. That is why you can learn to make her come just by massaging two precise points between her leg and her pussy.
She can also learn, following a simple exercise, to tense her vagina muscles to reach orgasm more quickly. She will also be able to use this movement to pump your penis to heighten the pleasure for both of you!
An orgasm can be on its way well before having sex. I will show you how to use the anticipation techniques to get her wet before you have even touched her.
Half of the road to a powerful orgasm is to do with what goes on inside her head. You must guide her mind into an “orgasm receptive state.” We will learn how right from Module 1.

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I will show you the best positions for stimulating her clitoris, her G-spot, and her D-spot during sex because, although it’s easier to give her an orgasm with your fingers or your tongue, it is seriously good for the ego to see her shivering with pleasure on the end of your dick…
Only Module 8 will provide you with the most comprehensive lessons on female ejaculation, with all the techniques for making her soak the bedsheets and totally lose control.
You will know more about her body and her most sensitive points than she ever knew before, and that 99% of women will never know. Starting tonight, you can be the first man to have helped her discover the potential of her own body.
I am going to show you how to position your hands when you are inside her, to multiply the power of her orgasms.
The “big 8” technique is surprisingly powerful for giving her multiple vaginal orgasms. I recommend you place some towels under her butt if you want to avoid having to change the sheets several times tonight…

These Videos are Practice-based. You will have Immediate Access to all the Modules, and you can get Practicing right from Tonight!

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Is This Program also made for Women?

The Answer Is YES!


Learn how to increase your pleasure during intercourse
Guide your Partner to make YOU Orgasm
Unleash the full potential of your orgasms

Learn sofisticated masturbation techniques to make you come on your own


We KNOW this training will revolutionize your sex life.

Our incredible 60 days Satisfaction Garantee : if the training doesn’t meet your expectations, we refund you 100% right away!

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